Tuscan Window Treatments

Published: 05th March 2011
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Tuscan window treatments are famous for their grace and elegance, for their light and airy feel. If you've never heard of them before, you might be surprised and impressed by the way they decorate their windows in Tuscany. Tuscan window treatments tend to be attached to the window frame-as opposed to, say, the window rod-and they cover the entire window, which makes them different from American window treatments.

These treatments also stay up all day; they're not like blinds or shades that are sometimes all the way up and sometimes drawn. And they are also usually made out of a silky material that is semi-transparent. That is, the material will admit some daylight so as to make a room bright and cheery, but it will also help to minimize the intensity of the sunlight, which can cause furniture and carpets to fade. And the sun sure does shine intensely in Tuscany all year long. Also, because it is semi-transparent it won't allow people on the street to peer into your home, which is important for privacy's sake.

What really make Tuscan window treatments special, however, are the designs that are embroidered into the material. In the old days these designs were all created by hand, but nowadays it's more common for machines to do the work. Either way, there are some stunning results on display on the streets of Tuscany: elaborate geometric and floral patterns, a seashell here and there.

You can buy these treatments for your own home. And if you are especially crafty, you can even stitch your own window treatment designs in the Tuscan style. Patterns abound on the Internet, or you could create your own. You could even cover large, floor to ceiling windows with these treatments. In fact, although most window treatments in Tuscany started out small since the windows of Tuscan farm houses tended to be small, it's now common to see much larger window treatments in the urban areas of Tuscany. And these window treatments don't have to be made out of a lacy, either, if that's not really your style. You could use cheesecloth, for instance, or even some corduroy if you wanted to be really daring.

If you really want to get a feel for the way window treatments should be done, why not plan a stop in Tuscany on your next vacation? The countryside is gorgeous twelve months a year, and many of the window treatments you'll see will take your breath away.

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