Top 10 Ways To Dress Up Your Interior Design With Bean Bags

Published: 15th November 2011
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Interior design means different things to different people. For some, it is an opportunity to get creative and have fun. For others, it is just a necessary drudgery. Luckily for all, bean bags are back in vogue, offering opportunities for creativity and ease of decorating even for the less enthusiastic designers. There are few ways to open up the floor space of a room and add style the way you can with these special items.

10. For small or crowded rooms, beanbags give the appearance of more space. Eliminating bulky, over-sized chairs and ottomans and adding a few light, comfortable options for seating gives the room a larger, more open look.

9. If the room is really cramped for space, beanbags can be moved or removed and put in a closet for times when you need more room for walking or standing. Several of these items occupy the same space as just one couch or loveseat and arm chair set, but give you a lot more options for arranging the seating to suit the occasion.

8. Bean bag furniture can also set the tone for a room with a retro look. Retro decorating is almost always in style. Add a lava lamp and a few inexpensive beads hanging in the doorway and it looks as if you hired a high-end decorator to create the 70's look for your new room. This style works in most any room, including the den, a finished basement room, the family entertainment or game room and the kids' rooms.

7. This type of furniture also succeeds in expressing a very youthful tone. Even if you do not have kids in the home, you can shave years off the age you feel by using them to furnish a room in your home or apartment. Entertaining is more fun when the decor of the place sets the mood for the affair.

6. Use unusual fabrics to create the look and feel you want for the room. Bean furniture come in so many different fabrics, and each one has its own unique style. Besides vinyl, beanbags come in leather, artificial leather, faux fir, microfiber, cotton, denim and many other choices.

5. There are several designs to choose from, allowing you to add comfort as well as unique styling to any room. The low, round beanbags work great for kids and informal settings. High-back bean chairs can be grouped with or without ottomans and low tables for a more formal setting suitable for serving small meals and snacks.

4. Use the size of the bean furniture to set the tone for the room. Smaller models are inviting to children, while large, overstuffed versions attract adults to the setting.

3. Japanese style rooms are also suitable for these items. An oriental rug, a small bamboo table, a bonsai tree and neutral colors are a simple and inexpensive yet elegant way to decorate any room of the home.

2. Set off the focal point of your room with coordinating items. Good focal points include a large window, fireplace or an entertainment center. Select chairs in complementing or contrasting colors. For instance, a silver entertainment center is well complemented by either black or red models or a combination of the two. A brown brick fireplace is complemented by orange or green bean chairs.

1. Add a book collection to the room, and flank it with bean bags. There is no better way to encourage reading (or look like you do) than a home library fitted with comfortable reading chairs. This is an inviting grouping suitable for all ages of aspiring intellectuals.

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