The Benefits Of Back To Back Boat Seats

Published: 09th May 2011
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Enjoying the open waters with friends and family on your own ship is a wonderful way to make lasting memories. A definite plus to a boat investment is taking pleasure in the warm sunshine while sailing. However, if your vessel is not properly outfitted with comfortable seating it can make journeys out to sea a bit rough. One option you have as a ship owner is back to back boat seats.

To appreciate back to back boat seats, it is important to understand its construction. They are generally attached at the back of both chairs while the seats face away from one another. This allows passengers to sit back to back. These seats are also known as sleeper boat seats or a lay down lounge. Many back to back seats are jump seats, meaning they can be folded back when not in use. In this case, scissor hinges are utilized to transform the upright seats meant for two passengers into one flat area meant as a bed or a lounge.

There are many wonderful perks to owning back to back boat seats. If you are touring the water with just yourself or one other person, having the option to convert additional seating into a lounge makes it easy to lie out in the sun or to take a nap. Or if you happen to be out to sea on an extended journey, you may utilize the extra surface area as your bed at night and then change the seating over during the day. Another benefit to using these seats is that many models allow you to use the base boxes as storage.

The styles and designs offered on the market today vary greatly. Many companies offer you customizable options when ordering back to back boat seats. If you have a certain color scheme or aesthetic you are aiming to achieve on your vessel, your seats can now contribute to the design you have in mind. Not only can you customize your colors, but a lot of companies will allow you to specify the height of the box base the seats rest on.

The materials used in these particular boat seats more often than not are comprised of marine-grade textiles. This offers you assurance that your seats are resisting mildew and UV rays which can cause severe damage to unprotected boat components. Look for models that utilize OEM grade foam, wood that has been pressure treated and stainless steel elements to ensure the highest quality seating for your vessel.

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