Medical Scrubs: Then And Now

Published: 14th October 2011
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One of the most important advancements in the field of medicine was the start of using scrubs in hospitals and surgical rooms, because it marked the beginning of a sterile environment where infection is kept to a minimum. Before doctors, nurses and surgeons began to wear scrubs, their everyday clothes were a means of transferring infection. Now, scrubs are the mark of a trained professional.

At first, almost all scrubs were white. The white uniforms were meant to encourage cleanliness and sanitary conditions. Under the bright lights of the operating room, this was hard on the eyes, and hospital staff began using green. Now, medical apparel is available in most any color or print you can imagine. In addition to a variety in fabric selection, there are many design choices to keep medical apparel from becoming too mundane.

We now have many more ways to keep the hospital or clinic environment sanitary, but scrubs still have some excellent features that help this process along. They are designed with few places for dirt or germs to hide. Dressing professionally in the hospital has never been so stylish. And the fabrics are now designed to be easy to wash and stain resistant, making them more sanitary than ever before. They are easy to change frequently and to wash. Also, they are inexpensive, so it is easy to replace them when they tear or get an impossible stain.

In addition, many of today's medical professionals, including both surgeons and nurses, have been converting their medical apparel wardrobe over to non-woven gowns. Non-woven options such as melt-blown and spun-bound technologies offer a safer option because of their fortified barrier. This barrier technology has proven to be an immense help in preventing bacteria, microorganism and body fluids from being released into the sterile zone because it reduces the porous nature of the fabric.

But this does not keep manufacturers from offering scrubs that are stylish and fun to wear. We now realize that patients and medical staff both fare better when the environment is clean as well as inviting. There are many brands that combine this ease and affordability with trendy prints and designs to keep patients smiling and medical staff from becoming bored.

One option for medical professionals is Gray's Anatomy scrubs. These scrubs were designed for the popular television show, but many nurses and doctors can give their wardrobe a needed lift by wearing them. Instead of the simple straight-cut tops and pants, these scrubs have attractive necklines, a better fit and are available in most sizes.

A sterile work environment does not have to mean a boring work wardrobe. Putting a smile on the faces of your patients and keeping one yourself can mean as much to their recovery as the medicine you give them.

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