Floor Drain Covers Guide

Published: 08th April 2011
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Bathroom remodeling, along with basement remodeling, can require a replacement of the plumbing facilities, as well as, the drain system which in turn may require the replacement of the floor drain covers. The plumbing system in a bathroom may be different then the plumbing system in the basement. The bathroom plumbing system will have several components that when doing a complete remodel of the bathroom will require that the entire system will upgraded to the standard of the local building codes. This upgrade will more than likely include the replacement of the floor drain covers which in a standard bathroom is in a shower.

Basement drains are usually designed as an outlet for water overflow. The basement often is the location for the laundry facilities; therefore a drain positioned in the basement can be advantageous. If, for example, the washer overflows, the basement, which is usually concrete, will not allow water to escape unless a basement drain is installed. These drains require floor drain covers which can be found at most hardware stores. There are also on-line retailers that have many styles and types to fit any need. Drains have many different applications and styles, whether it is in a residential application or a commercial application. Residential applications require a more refined look. Often the materials used are finished nicely. The use of various metals can change the look and can be used to coordinate with decor choices. Stainless steel is a very popular choice but chrome plated, brass, copper, brushed nickel are also widely used in the modern home. Some homes do employ an ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cover, but usually on utility drains, which are commonly basement or garage drains.

The commercial application of floor drain covers can be a bit more complicated. Commercial applications can vary widely. For example, there are covers that are designed for application in the food service industry. These types of covers can be designed to trap food and debris from kitchens where food is prepared. In other commercial applications the floor drain covers are designed to be larger to allow high volumes of water to drain quickly. Covers can be secured by various means; many are secured with silicone caulk and screws that are counter sunk, others are secured by using a silicone caulk type epoxy. It is important to use a silicone based product to keep water from seeping under the edges of the floor drain covers which can cause damage to the surrounding flooring.

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