Best Barbecue Recipes For Electric Smokers

Published: 10th June 2011
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As the old saying goes, some of the best things in life are free. While there are many excellent recipe books for electric smokers, there are an abundance of recipes available for free online. The best barbecue recipes for electric smokers have been developed by people who have tested these recipes and have already made the adaptations necessary to make it come out perfectly every time. Some of these people are trained chefs, but others are just enthusiastic amateurs that have spent many years developing a recipe for their own families.

Some recipes are developed on charcoal or gas smokers during tournaments and can be adapted for use in the electric smoker models. Many smoker recipe books list the temperature and cooking time, which is really all that you need to adapt any smoker recipe to your electric smoker. Some cook books also have a section on adapting recipes for different temperatures and cooking times that you can use as a reference guide. There are also excellent books available that are specifically developed for and with electric smokers.

The best barbecue recipes for electric smokers usually add a twist to the traditional barbecue sauce. Instead of using sauce directly from a bottle, try adding honey, hot sauce or other herbs and spices to create your own unique blend. Try only adding one or two ingredients each time you barbecue, or try one blend on half of the food and another mix on the other half and see which you like best. Be sure to write down the ingredients and measurements you add so that you can replicate it easily later.

There are some great sauce recipes in the barbecue recipes online and in books in addition to the recipes for meats. Try making your own sauce unless you are really committed to a specific brand. Barbecue sauces are not always red, some are white and even yellow. Experiment with different sauce and meat combinations to see what your family enjoys the best.

The online recipes are excellent if you have been using your electric smoker for awhile, but if you are just getting started you might benefit from the tips and tricks suggested in the recipe books. They will help you learn to properly prep the meats and give you good serving suggestions for the recipe. Vegetables are great cooked in an electric smoker, too, so check your favorite recipe books to see how you can prepare an entire meal in your electric smoker.

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