ATV Ramps Provide Safe Loading Experience And Prevent Damage To Your Ride

Published: 12th May 2011
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If you take an all-terrain vehicle with you when you go camping, or when you head out on vacation, chances are you are going to load it onto a truck in order to transport it to and from your house. Now, you and your friends or family members could all lift the thing onto your truck, but this is an awkward thing to do, and actually can be a pretty dangerous thing to attempt as well. Not to mention, should you drop your ATV you'll probably do some real damage to it. A much better solution is to purchase some ATV ramps.

ATV ramps make getting an ATV on and off a truck as easy as possible. In general, you'll actually want to separate ramps, one for your ATV's right tires and one for the left tires. You simply attach each of the ramps to the end of the bed of your truck, and then walk the ATV up to the truck. (Once the ATV is on board, make sure that you securely tie or strap it down so that it won't move around while the truck is in motion.) ATV ramps tend to be curved or arched so that they can better support the weight of your all-terrain vehicle.

Before you select a ramp for your ATV, you're going to have to figure out some calculations. You need to know, first of all, how heavy your vehicle is. Different ramps support different weights. You'll also want to measure the height of the bed of your truck off the ground. Finally, you need to know the width of your tires. So let's say your truck bed is six feet off the ground, your ATV weights five-hundred pounds, and your ATV tires are twelve inches wide. You'll need ramps that are six feet long, one foot wide, and capable of supporting at least five hundred pounds. Also, you might want to buy a ramp that's made out of aluminum; many ATV experts feel those are the most durable kind of ramps. Finally, ATV ramps also vary according to how many times you can fold them up. Usually, a ramp is either a "bi-fold" ramp or a "tri-fold" ramp.

Finally, make sure that your ramp is secure before you put your ATV on it; follow the direction in your manual carefully! You certainly don't want the ramp to be loose and to have that all-terrain vehicle come crashing down on your foot!

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